Useful Guidance on Blogging Using WordPress

February 2, 2011

Hi All,

Here is the basic guide to blogging using WordPress courtesy of David Dougan who recently ran a short workshop for us at the University of Glasgow.

WordPress Guide


Tools for Lightweight Scientific Publishing

January 12, 2011

Related to our mission to make research outputs more accessible you may be interested in the knowledgeblog (kblog) project.  This project is augmenting wordpress to provide a simple, easy-to-use, and extensible framework for scientific publishing.  So far, it has been used for material that might previously have been published in a book on Ontologies:

and the Taverna workflow engine:

However, kblogs could be used for any form of scientific publishing including primary research. Kblogs support standard authoring tools (Word, Latex, Open Office). Currently, the k-blog team are adding better support for formal reviewing of articles, references and reference lists. All software is freely available.

URL’s from items published using the kblogs features could be added to institutional systems.

Visit the site:

Free WordPress Training

January 7, 2011

Hi All,

In order to improve the quality of our blogs and help people communicate about thier projects we have organised a short course.  There are a few places available (free of charge to higher and further education establishments and affiliated organisations).

The course will focus on set up and basic maintenance of a Wordpress blog.

It will run at the University of Glasgow on Wednesday 26th January 0930-1230.

If you are interested in a place please email me at