Specification for Outputs Available from RCUK

June 1, 2011

The Research Outcome Types, and the fields to be collected, have been finalised.  If you would like a copy, the website says you should email researchoutcomes@rcuk.ac.uk but I have obtained and attached a copy here RCUK_Outcome_Fields_Specification_External_Version

21/07/11 NOTE THERE MIGHT BE THINGS MISSING FROM THIS SPEC e.g. on doing a gap analysis against our internal data stores I found patent is missing from the dropdown list but should be there.  RCUK have started testing and I expect an updated spec and definitions will be available thereafter.

See the following page for updates and FAQ:



RCUK – No Single System Likely

July 22, 2010

Hi All,

The latest update from RCUK can be found at:


From this I understand that there will be at least 3 different sets of questions about Research Council awards rather than one standard set of metrics for all Research Councils.   Whilst I recognise that some subjects will have different specialist questions I am not convinced separating them out is the most useful approach. Like other metrics exercises I think ignoring questions where they are irrelevant (or indeed having the system ignore them for you) might be an option.

I am sure that RCUK will provide a schema to allow us to upload data directly from our systems rather than data having to be uploaded direct to the RCUK systems with the risk that this might differ to what HEI’s hold.  I am anxious to hear more about this so that we can manage the requirements here at Glasgow.

Seems it may be time consuming with a greater potential for error and confusion than one standard questionnaire.

Of course our friends at RCUK may come up with some easy fixes so here’s hoping!

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