RCUK Subject Classifications Available for Download

January 30, 2013

The RCUK subject classifications that the University of Glasgow are trialling in our data registry are now available direct from the RCUK website.

See the following blog item on the ‘Engage’ project blog for more details.



University of Glasgow Update

January 14, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here but now that the IRIOS2 project https://irios2.wordpress.com/is complete I intend to blog here more regularly.

I am sure many organisations are way ahead of us in certain areas but here is what we doing re research outcomes.

Publications and key findings – we have a process to bulk upload these to the RCUK Reserch Outcomes

Datasets – We are moving to a live metadata registry soon and working with other institutions and EuroCRIS on a standard metadata specification for datasets http://cerif4datasets.wordpress.com/.  Our local policy and guidelines are being updated  http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/datamanagement/rdm-at-gu/

Further Funding and Collaboration – We are testing extracts of this data from the Research Support System.  We hope that any awards for the same or linked projects can be supplied to RCUK where the publicity flag on the award is ‘YES’

Staff Development – The storage and provision of appropriate information is being explored with our HR Operations Manager.

Intellectual Property, Exploitation Mechanism – We expect to extract data from the Research Support System.  Any awards for the same or linked projects may be supplied where the publicity flag on the award is ‘YES’.  The IP Team (Research Strategy and Innovation) are being consulted.

Communications Activity, Other Research Outputs – We are awaiting a bulk upload mechanism from RCUK. We expect that many of these outputs can be included on Enlighten.

Impact, Policy Influence – We are testing screens to enter these details into Enlighten and hope to make these live early 2013.

Impact and Research Methodology

March 6, 2012

A post regarding impact and research methodology that may be of interest – see our Engage project blog:



RCUK Research Outcomes System Testing

October 14, 2011


I have done a bit more testing in the current window provided to the group of HEI testers.

Not a lot more to report since my blog post on 14th September


but here is my updated list of issues:

RCUK Research Outcomes System – Tester Comments

If you would like to discuss any point feel free to comment using the button below or email me at valerie.mccutcheon@glasgow.ac.uk


Impact and Output Data Management

May 6, 2011

William Nixon will be updating the University of Glasgow Enlighten ( ePrints repository) blog with news about our developments for impact and output management.



RCUK Outcomes Reporting Specification

March 25, 2011

I’ve spent some time in the last few days working through the latest information I have for the specification to see how prepared we are for this at the University of Glasgow and what work might be involved. 

 I understand an update spec and timeframe will be available to us soon.

It is clear to me that there will be considerable resource requirements for Research Organisations including those that are lucky enough to already hold a lot of the data on core systems already or at the other end of the spectrum where the RO may not want to provide data from core systems but will need to support academics entering data direct to the RCUK system.

There still seems to be considerable overlap between further funding, collaboration and IP which may cause confusion and cost time.  However I am hoping where there is an overlap we can present once (.e.g. in further funding).

There are some requirements that suggest use of standard lists e.g. organisation codes for funders/collaborators frm a standard JeS list, country codes from ONS list.   Standardisation is good however in the short to medium term I suspect many Research Organisations have thier own – or different standard – code structures for these so again this may be a bit problematic.

We also have concerns about resource requirements for checking data.  I understand that RCUK wish to receive data that is suitable for the public domain.  However we think that the University of Glasgow will have to apply some specialist checking to certain data e.g.

  • Bio/Medical e.g. cell lines, antibodies
  • Electronic e.g. data set, algorithm
  • Physical e.g. new molecule, prototype

The other issue we have outstanding is Data Protection/confidentiality around staff development and wether it is appropriate for staff to be asked to comment on other staff as part of the return.

Having said all this I am expecting that the approach will be ‘supply what you can’ or perhaps focus on some key elements e.g. publications initially to allow time to set up local environments.

Outputs and Impact Code for REF

March 15, 2011

The code we amended for use in our mini-REF exercise will be available soon.    We will advertise on this blog.

If you would like us to email you when it is released please email me valerie.mccutcheon@glasgow.ac.uk

In a hurry to get started with the code?  We may be able to send you the zipped files and give you some support so please do ask.