Project Meeting 19th June 2013

We had our project team meeting yesterday.  The project is due to end 31st July 2013.


  • Updating CERIF information and interlinkage with other current initiatives in the UK/Europe and beyond
  • Specifying and building demo of PURE data registry functionality
  • Enhancing Glasgow ePrints data registry – new server, buying Datacite (not sure if we will have fully deployed by end of July but will have explored further and have a plan),
  • On-going work on data storage requirements, advocacy, updating policies and plans
  • Planning our workshops – one is booked for 12th July in Glasgow and will be advertised widely in the next day or two.  The other will be roughly the same content at a more southern venue – possibly London and possibly 25 or 26th July tbc shortly


  • Awaiting award letter for extension so have been a bit cautious about spending
  • Most of the costs expected are for software, hardware and travel and consumables for workshops and events


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