I understand the new STFC version of e-VAL whilst being broadly similar to MRC e-VAL (without the specific medical questions) will include a bulk upload facility – hurrah!  This will be for publications initially but they are aware that we’d like it for other output types so there is a plan.  I am looking forward to testing.

I’m also discussing how we might most efficiently synchronise output information so that STFC do not end up with metadata that differs to what we have on our systems – trickier and we don’t know all the answers yet but the dialogue is open.



4 Responses to STFC e-VAL

  1. Ian Viney says:

    Valerie, the recently launched Researchfish which the MRC, BHF, Arthritis UK, Stroke Association, Kidney Research UK, Chief Scientist Office (Scotland) and STFC will use (more funders joining soon) has the bulk upload facility for publications. Researchers can enjoy this functionality right now – in fact 500 researchers registered in the first two weeks and we have had many recent publications entered. Current researchers may not have need of this so much as we of course have already collected five years of publication output via the previous MRC e-Val system. The MRC would like to thank researchers and colleagues in research support offices that have made e-Val such a success. We will be publishing yet more results from the outputs, outcomes and impacts collected very soon on the MRC website.

    • Valerie says:

      Hello Ian,

      Many thanks for the comment. Our interest is for the institution to be able to do bulk uploads from core systems across all awards and investigators – rather than individual researchers having to upload everything into two places. We will have a good look at the features and hope that this helps streamlines the process.

      • Ian Viney says:

        Valerie, I think we’ll get there shortly. The fact that multiple funders are using Researchfish already begins to rationalise the places that researchers have to report. Researchfish are running webinars for research organisations to both demonstrate some new functionality that will be released soon, and listen to what Universities and others want from the system ( @researchfish )

  2. Valerie says:

    Yes it is good we are rationalising and I am looking forward to meeting ResearchFish reps on 3rd September and hearing the latest. It is really reassuring that MRC and STFC listen to the community.

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