Non-Publications Outputs

I just sent this email to the RCUK Outcomes Team and hopefully will be able to progress preparations for bulk upload of non-publications data.

I have got a file that we ran back in Nov for items that cover broadly:

1) Further funding

2) Collaboration/partnership

3) IP and Exploitation – licence is a clear award type on our system, spin-outs possibly defined by certain types of agreement e.g. company formation, articles of association

We have distinct award types that map well I think to:

Sale of Physical Goods

Consultancy Projects

Provision of Facilities

Contract Research (note we’d have included this in further funding)

Provision of Training

Our internal categorisation is different but broadly could be mapped I think to RCUK preferences. 

Our high level mapping is available at:

We need clarification/method for managing collaboration/partnership e.g. is this solely for items that are not funded e.g. agreements rather than further funding which also has collaborations attached

I’d really like to try bulk uploading some of this to RCUK or providing it to someone who can do that and perhaps discuss a few of the issues so that we can be prepared to provide this tranche of information.



Other Research Outputs


We hope most of this will come from our repository along with the publication data.

Staff development – resides in our HR System and we still have some concerns about narrative but perhaps when we can we can provide a test for this data too?

Would it be any help to RCUK if I sent through some of the data we have on 1-3 above for comment?  I think it would be helpful to HEI’s to be able to explore this with RCUK as soon as possible as they are having to design systems and reports to supply the data.

2 Responses to Non-Publications Outputs

  1. Richard at NBI says:

    Hello Valerie,

    Interesting to read you are concerned about bulk upload of non-publication outputs data, I’d be interested in any response from RCUK. I emailed them a similar query almost two weeks ago but no reply yet.

    I’m helping design a new grants outputs database here and I would like it to integrate with ROS as well as possible… certainly want to avoid asking our researchers to populate our local system and then ROS again with similar data on the same outputs!

    • Valerie says:

      Hello Richard,

      I guess like us you like to be prepared. I’ve been working on this for some years now and it does often seem that we wait a long time then get more info that we need to deal with quickly despite our best efforts to plan ahead.

      If I hear anything useful I will put it on the blog.

      What are you using for your outputs – commercial product or bespoke? Give us a shout if we can share any experiences with you.


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