RCUK Research Outcomes System Testing


I have done a bit more testing in the current window provided to the group of HEI testers.

Not a lot more to report since my blog post on 14th September


but here is my updated list of issues:

RCUK Research Outcomes System – Tester Comments

If you would like to discuss any point feel free to comment using the button below or email me at valerie.mccutcheon@glasgow.ac.uk


2 Responses to RCUK Research Outcomes System Testing

  1. Hi Valerie,

    Be good to catch up again soon. Thought you might want to look at this – demo.researchfish.com this is the PI demo for the federated e-Val – it is still a long way from finished in regards to help texts and videos, but would welcome your feedback,

    Mark (Firmstep)

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