IRIOS – Research Council Awards and Outputs

July 29, 2011

The presentations from the recent IRIOS event and demonstration are available on the blog:

A report will be added to the blog soon.

You can also try the demonstrator yourself via the blog entry:



Repositories and CRIS: Working Smartly Together

July 29, 2011

The slides from the event can be viewed via the download buttons at:

The event touched on impact, output, REF, RCUK outcomes, ePrints and more.

Research Council UK Reporting

July 29, 2011

The new Research Council Outcomes reporting system will be undergoing user acceptance testing with some HEI’s during August.  Glasgow will be one of the test organisations.  I will report back via this blog.

RCUK will update the webpage:

The spec is available on this blog:

Happy to chat with people about the requirements. Please email me at  I will be on holiday first two weeks in August but will get back to you.

MRC e-VAL – Outcomes Collection

July 21, 2011

Just come from a meetingwith MRC representatives and their supplier for the new e-VAL system.

The system looks very good – user-friendly and runs quickly.

The 2011 exercise will run on the existing process cOct/Nov and the new version is expected to be deployed next year.

Other funders could potentially use this system too.

MRC cross references publications with Thomson Reuters (Web of Science) who they work with to verify publications.

 We spoke a lot about how to synchronise data with core data stores at research organisations and minimise duplicate data entry and agreed we will continue to discuss such issues.

Discussions between Research Council’s about the holy grail of one system are on-going but it may be some time before we have only one or two systems as there are lots of issues for us to work on together.


Event reviews: Repositories and CRIS- Working Smartly together

July 21, 2011

Event review: Repositories and CRIS- Working Smartly together.

Update on RCUK Outcomes Collection

July 21, 2011

I understand that RCUK have started user acceptance testing (internal at RCUK) this week and intend to approach research organisations to do some testing in a few weeks and a pilot circa September.

Initially HEI’s will need to think about reporting of outputs that are mandated e.g. publications but the other outputs will be visible so staff will be able to enter them and we will need to be able to manage this.

On updating my gap analysis against our internal data I noticed the spec was missing patents which is meant to be on there so there may be a few other corrections to be done.  I expect an updated version and definitions will be available once the testing is complete and I will share my gap analysis once I have reviewed the updated version.

RCUK representatives will be presenting at our IRIOS London event tomorrow  and I will update this blog with any significant news.