Funding Information Linked to Outputs

October 29, 2010

Hi All,

A short poll has been done by UKCoRR.

The background is:

All UK Research Councils have OA mandates which require copies of peer review publications to be deposited into ‘appropriate OA Repositories’. Councils wish to monitor compliance with these mandates and hope in (the near) future to be able to do this by harvesting from Institutional and Thematic Repositories any publication where a Research Council is mentioned in the “funder” field.

At the University of Glasgow, as some of you may know from our presentations and blog entries, we have associated award information from our Research System with items in Enlighten (our repository).  So it is easy for us to provide the funder name and grant reference and any other information we hold about awards.  We currently do not show the grant reference on our repository but that is easy to amend if we wish to do so.

If  Research Council’s require comprehensive output information from us via an extract from our systems we need to have a drive internally to encourage completion and ensure any gaps are filled. 

I suspect many other organisations do not have funder information associated with the publications.

It will be interesting to see the results.


Enquire Project – Final Report

October 4, 2010

Hi All,

Just been out of the office for a week and realised that some people might confuse our final workshop report with the final project report.

The workshop report is a less formal summary of discussions at our workshops.  The final project report has not been published yet.  It will be the formal final project report. 

The project was granted an extension till 8th October.  The Board is meeting tomorrow and I plan to submit the final report to JISC by 8th October.  Subject to their approval I will then post on this blog and advertise widely.



Final workshop report

October 1, 2010

The final workshop report can be read here: Research_Outcomes_Workshop_Report

The posters summarising the group activities at both workshops have also been added to the original workshop post to illustrate the discussion at both sessions.