Some Interesting Views on Metrics

This paper explores values and benefits of league tables and metrics.


UNIVERSITY RANKINGS: Diversity, Excellence and the European initiative

This blog article discusses value of metrics:

2 Responses to Some Interesting Views on Metrics

  1. Simon says:

    Yes indeed!
    And we have now seen the makeup of the new THE ranking tables – all we need do is wait until the 16th to see what results that brings up. As always it is the problem of measuring a multi-dimensional thing on a uni-dimensional scale (it always ends up as being the simple ranking that people look at…)

    • Valerie says:

      Thanks for your comment Simon.

      I am hoping that common sense will prevail and Research Organisations will be asked to report a finite set of information that is of value to stakeholders – including the public and government. Given the economic climate the aim should be to minimise burden on staff so that their time can be channelled to other value add activities.

      I am sure there must be room for reducing the amount of work if the focus is key information – rather than too much peripheral and/or questionable information being asked for.

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