Capturing Information about Research Impacts and Outputs

A quick update on where we are with capturing impact and output on our core systems.

Our approach is to identify those entities that we know we need to report on and explore options for capturing information in a generic manner so that the systems and processes are not just geared to one requirement such as  REF or RCUK but can facilitate many uses of the information.


We have set some fields up in our test ePrints system.  Basically a narrative box, date, and publicity flag for each ‘impact’ entry.  Initially we have kept impact as a seperate entity to outputs.  I’ve tested this out and can record an impact with a relationship to an output.  We need to do some more work on the many relationships between people, outputs and impact and we need to add some more fields to allow categorisation of impact e.g. influence on policy, economic.


We have draft specifications for enhancements to (0r addition of) some key entities and plan to test screens for these over the next few weeks.  These include public lectures, exhibitions and performances (required for HEBCIS award/recognition (relevant to REF), artwork, and compositions.

We may share some of the specifications and we will be sharing the ePrints code we devise for these entities. We are happy to demo our systems to others.  Please email if you want to be notified of any demos we are setting up.

We are also listening to other projects that are investigating CERIF ( for sharing of Research information and expect to be able to output our data in a specified XML format.

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