Higher Education, Business, and Community Interaction Survey (HEBCIS)

Some attendees at our recent workshops had not heard of the HEBCIS survey so here is an explanation. 

The HEBCIS  data is collected annually from all UK HEI’s.  It is used for some benchmarking reports.    Some of the metrics are more robust than others so personally I’d advise caution when reading any reports based on these numbers.

I have been the main contact for the survey at the University of Glasgow for a number of years and still take the lead on a number of aspects of this survey.

Of particular interest to the output/impact agenda is Part B table 5 which looks at cultural engagement such as public lectures, performances, exhibitions, and museum education and tries to capture number of attendees and academic (but not administrative) time spent on delivering these.

We are enhancing our internal systems to try to improve the completeness of some of this data.

The survey can be viewed at:


Although the data collection has recently been bundled with the HESA financial return this currently means that the survey is still much the same as previous years and is just subject to the same deadlines as HESA.  We are not aware of any indications that survey will change significantly in the near future but will keep an eye out for developments.  For example the survey is currently used as the basis of some funding for English HEI’s (but not other countries in the UK) but there have been lots of discussions about the funding formula.  Any of my colleagues based in England care to comment on latest views on this?

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