Business and Community Engagement

June 30, 2010

Just returning from a JISC Netskills BCE: Management and Administration for External Engagement event.  Key observations:

– Further enforced the need for standard terminology

– Both the BCE workshops and our Research Outcomes workshops collected examples of research related activity.  We agreed to share these examples and our observations.

The BCE project website can be accessed at:

and the Project Manager is happy to take enquiries:


Workshop and Seminar Update

June 29, 2010

We ran our London Research Outcomes workshop today.  Feedback was good and it seems most of the attendees found it worthwhile. 

We’ll collate the feedback and put the summary notes, slides, and the results of our quick poll onto this blog  so if you missed the workshops but want to comment you will get that opportunity.

We also received summary feedback from our session at ARMA:

Your talks were very well received, a mixture of “excellent” and “good” scores.

This was considered to have been a really interesting project and  it was good to see connections being made between library and research information system. An engaging, well presented, energetic and worthwhile session. However, the slides had a little too much detail and could have been simplified.

Mostly 4s and 5s.

Research Council Developments

June 29, 2010

A loud message from our workshops and discussions is that RCUK should adopt one standard system for capturing research outcomes. 

Comment from one of the focus group members  that we’d like to ’emphasise that the research councils need to be pushed into moving to one single system (whatever this is), as soon as possible’.

In another development STFC e-VAL pilot is now live and runs till 26th July.  A sample of academics with STFC awards have been asked to make returns.  Research Organisation will be provided with results after the exercise closes.  STFC plan to roll the data collection exercise out to the community later this year.  The data collection is similar (but not the same as MRC).  When I see the questions and Glasgow answers I will comment on this blog.

Research Outcomes Workshops

June 25, 2010

We ran the first of our two Research Outcomes workshops yesterday and think it went very well.   Thank you to all participants for making it a success.  A wealth of interesting and useful points were made. 

A summary of the points from both workshops will be placed on this blog early July and we invite comment for the final report which will be sent to RCUK, MRC, HEFCE, JISC and other stakeholders.

Output, Outcome, Impact – Waiting Patiently for Definitions

June 18, 2010

Note there are more recent updates to this topic on this blog e.g.

I attended the UCISA Research Management Systems seminar at Liverpool yesterday. 

There were several references to Outputs, Outcome, and Impact but like the rest of the sector concensus was that we should forge ahead with enhancing our systems and processes in preparation for collecting and managing.  A bit chicken and egg since we don’t want to go too far down a route to have to amend.  However we at Glasgow believe we can set up some additional entity types and fields that will manage a large percentage of this information and from where we can deliver reports once specifications are known.  We don’t plan to create all of the detailed sub-types and fields suggested by RCUK but we will create some of the higher level types that can be used more generically.

I still hope that RCUK will decide to go for a lighter touch exercise initially and focus on fewer entities.

UCISA seminar details can be found at:

RCUK Outcomes Collection Update

June 15, 2010

Latest information from the RCUK Outcomes Focus Group is that a ‘new’ system may not be created specifically for capture of RCUK Outcomes. Instead they may build on one of the existing systems in use by one of the Research Council’s.

The aim is still to arrive at a common system across all Councils, but this will  likely take longer than originally intended.   

The focus group will continue to help RCUK with their analysis and I will keep updating the blog accordingly.

RCUK Outcomes Project Update

June 9, 2010

Ive just come from an update of the RCUK outcomes project.  I understand that the tender process is on hold pending a decision on the future of the project.  We were told that a decision was expected imminently. 

This does not affect the current work at the University of Glasgow as we are forging ahead with our discussions and trials for recording a wider range of research outcomes than we currently hold in core systems.  We want this information to inform our Research Strategy and Planning,  to help publicise deliverables, and for other surveys such as the Higher Education Business and Community Interaction Survey.  

Despite the details of what will be required for REF and RCUK  being unclear at present we will need to collate and manage data about these entities in some form. 

We are confident that our existing or new entity data capture mechanisms can be tweaked in future if necessary to fulfil requirements.

Any views welcome.