Related JISC Funded Projects

Just back from a lovely holiday in Northern Ireland.  Prior to that I attended a JISC programme meeting to outline what we are doing with the Enquire project and to hear what the other projects in the programme are planning.

The projects are:

CRISPool, University of St Andrews
Using CERIF-XML to integrate heterogeneous research information from several institutions into a single portal

Enquire – University of Glasgow
Enrich and Research Outputs and Impact

RIM Tools, Imperial College
Developing tools to inform the managment of research and translating existing good practice

RIM Process Management, University of Huddersfield
Using Business Process Management Tools and Methods for Building Research Information Management

RIM Manager Role, University College
Defining a new role: the embedded Research Information Manager

Some of the points I found interesting were:

At the University of Glasgow we maintain the Unit of Assessment against each staff member in our Research System from where it is re-used in other core systems and rep0rts.  Some HEI’s do not have this database at all or are working on it.

One of the JISC projects is proposing providing a Research Information Management handbook for their academics.

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