Forthcoming Workshops on Research Outcomes

I’ve started work on the workshops we are planning to host late summer.

These will probably involve discussion regarding ease and usefulness of capturing and reporting on a range of research outcomes and impacts, identification of key issues and some potential solutions, and an update on the Enquire project at the University of Glasgow.

 Target attendees are likely to be staff at HEI’s who will have to provide processes and systems for reporting to RCUK Outcomes but we’d also like some academics, and other stakeholders e.g. arts organisations, museums.    

Dates and venues to be confirmed soon.  Hopefully one workshop will take place in London, and one in Glasgow.


2 Responses to Forthcoming Workshops on Research Outcomes

  1. Stephanie says:

    As a repository manager at a large specialist arts and design university, I’m very interested in these proposed workshops. I hope they will include research outputs in arts and design, as well as the more traditional models.

    • Valerie says:

      Dear Stephanie,

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      Yes one of the key areas we are keen to bring into the fold more is arts and design.

      In addition to outputs such as grants, contracts, licences, publications, and books we are want to identify issues and ideas associated with capturing and reporting information about those ouptuts that have not traditionally been collected with rigour e.g. exhibitions, performances, artwork, recordings, compostions, and creative writing.

      We are currently trying to confirm a venue and date for our London workshop and hope to advertise soon.

      Do please feel free to contact us if you have more questions or comments.


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