Who’s Research Is It?

Some interesting issues have arisen when checking the funding information staff have provided with deposits to our institutional repository.

It’s brilliant that we are seeing outputs that are much wider than first apparent from the information on our systems. One scenario is where the person who has provided the output was  not a named investigator or staff member on the original award.    We have found outputs being recorded against awards for which the lead person has left the University and we need to contact the Faculty to confirm publicity if this is not already set to ‘yes’.

Another example is where we simply cannot trace the award suggested by person name, funder, keyword, or department.  This might require a polite enquiry back to the person submitting the output to see if they have more details or perhaps know if the award was to another HEI.

We want to ensure that the outputs are associated with:

  • Relevant staff – both those originally involved in the work and those who have more recently contributed
  • The appropriate funding streams

This to ensure that the staff get publicity for thier good work, the funders for their funding, and that as much information as possible is made available to the public as possible.

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