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April 29, 2010

Outcomes Workshops

Thursday 24th June 2010, 10.00-14.30, University of Glasgow

Tuesday 29th June 2010 10.00-14.30, HEFCE Centrepoint, London

This workshop will focus on Research Council’s UK (RCUK) Research Outcomes with a view to addressing some of these wide-ranging needs.  Using a range of activities we will collate a list of issues and ideas for the sector and RCUK. This will enable members to discuss the practicalities of gathering and reporting on the research output types proposed by RCUK.

The Glasgow workshop will be held in Seminar Room 101, Sir Charles Wilson Bulding, Hillhead Campus. It can be found under E15 on the campus map, on the corners of Gibson Street and University Avenue.

The London workshop will be held at HEFCE Centre Point, on the corners of New Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road. Travel and transport details can be found here.

For any issues or information on the day of the workshop, please contact the reception desk at Research & Enterprise, University of Glasgow on 0141 330 5005.

For more details and to request a place or register interest see Research Outcomes Workshops 2010 flyer

Draft agenda RO_Workshops_2010_flyer-draftagenda


Standard Terminology

April 27, 2010

It’s good to hear that the various bodies that require reports from research organisations are continuing to talk.  Plans have been muted for a common lexicon of research terminology via various routes including the EXRI project final report which is available via their website:

This will be a massive job and I am sure there will be many issues to discuss.  At present we have to have different definitions of the same word for different reports so it would be useful if it were possible to go at least some way towards standardisation.


CERIF Data Exchange Test

April 22, 2010

Yesterday I attended a workshop for the CRISPool project that the University of Glasgow are partners in.  St.Andrews are leading the project and Edinburgh University are our other partner in this venture.

This project, that is part-funded by JISC, involves a pilot collating research information from the three universities to facilitate data sharing over the web. The pilot is based on the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA).

I’m mapping the CERIF entities to our list of RCUK/REF/HEBCIS/University of Glasgow entities. 

Through the CRISPool project we will feed back suggestions to euroCRIS with a view to enhancing the entities as required by HEI’s.

The meeting included an update from the Readiness for REF project at King’s College London (KCL).  I envisage a template for the SUPA data similar to the templates that KCL have produced for RAE and CERIF.

CRISPool website now launched at

High Level Impact and Output Specification

April 20, 2010

I’ve spent most of today updating our mapping of RCUK types to REF, HEBCIS and University of Glasgow databases.  

Looks like RCUK and REF impacts specification is more or less the same so hopefully the terminiology can be standardise or at least clearly mapped – at present HEI’S would need to fill in different fields for the same purpose – one standard set of fields would be good.  I’ve asked RCUK for a view on this.

The RCUK specification also requests funding scheme and there may be some questions specific to certain funding schemes so we will look at adding that data to the information we take from our Research award records and attach to research outputs in the repository.

Will update soon with more thoughts on potential issues (and hopefully solutions!)


Forthcoming Workshops on Research Outcomes

April 14, 2010

I’ve started work on the workshops we are planning to host late summer.

These will probably involve discussion regarding ease and usefulness of capturing and reporting on a range of research outcomes and impacts, identification of key issues and some potential solutions, and an update on the Enquire project at the University of Glasgow.

 Target attendees are likely to be staff at HEI’s who will have to provide processes and systems for reporting to RCUK Outcomes but we’d also like some academics, and other stakeholders e.g. arts organisations, museums.    

Dates and venues to be confirmed soon.  Hopefully one workshop will take place in London, and one in Glasgow.

Who’s Research Is It?

April 7, 2010

Some interesting issues have arisen when checking the funding information staff have provided with deposits to our institutional repository.

It’s brilliant that we are seeing outputs that are much wider than first apparent from the information on our systems. One scenario is where the person who has provided the output was  not a named investigator or staff member on the original award.    We have found outputs being recorded against awards for which the lead person has left the University and we need to contact the Faculty to confirm publicity if this is not already set to ‘yes’.

Another example is where we simply cannot trace the award suggested by person name, funder, keyword, or department.  This might require a polite enquiry back to the person submitting the output to see if they have more details or perhaps know if the award was to another HEI.

We want to ensure that the outputs are associated with:

  • Relevant staff – both those originally involved in the work and those who have more recently contributed
  • The appropriate funding streams

This to ensure that the staff get publicity for thier good work, the funders for their funding, and that as much information as possible is made available to the public as possible.