Publicity of Award Outputs

I’ve been liaising with my colleagues in the library regarding the details of linking research outputs on the Repository with relevant awards.  If the initial setting on the award was for no publicity then the staff might enter an award onto the system as ‘free text’.  We then need to check if it is already in the list available in the Repository or if it is marked as publicity ‘no’ in our Research System therefore excluding it from the current data feed.    If it is on the Research System as publicity ‘no’ we need to check with Research and Enterprise specialist in case there is an IP issue or sensitivity.  If not we contact the lead person on the award and ask if they want the publicity flag changed to ‘yes’ so that the award can be associated with thier output.  We record the confirmations as an audit trail.

Some awards are specifically open access awards so where for example the person has an award from Wellcome they might also have another award on the same project to represent open access funding.  Both awards can be associated with the output but we might use the flag that identifies the open access funding to exclude this particular award from certain reports.

Remember if you want to know what our default publicity settings are do please ask.

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