Linking Research Outputs to Awards

Over the last few days I’ve been receiving a few enquiries about our linkage of outputs to awards.  The types of issues include:

Q: Why is my award not on the pick list available when I deposit my research output?

A: We have currently only included awards that we have defaulted or actively marked as publicity ‘Yes’ – this includes most charities and Research Council’s.  Your award will probably be marked publicity ‘No’ because  you have not actively marked on the project approval form that you want publicity.  If you want it changed to ‘Yes’ let us know and as long as there are no institutional concerns about publicity we will change it to ‘Yes’.

If anyone wants to know the details of our publicity settings let me know and I can add them to this blog.

Incidentally some awards might always be publicity ‘No’ and we might actually add them these to the pick list in future but not for use in internal reporting only. 

We’ve also identified a few odd exceptions  in our search functionality that we have dealt with all so the system is being well tested with real instances.

Any questions please do contact us.

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