Output Types

This week, we’ve been having a look at the output types on the draft RCUK specification. I’ve asked our friends at RCUK when there might be more detail on the definitions as I think this will help enormously in getting our systems adjusted to support the requirements.

We’ve started our initial discussion document  with high level comments on mapping to our Repository, Research System and Higher Education Business and Community Interaction Survey (HEBCIS)  so watch this blog for developments.

I’ve uploaded a copy of our Research System award types, some of which we will need to map to to RCUK types.  We regularly review and update this list with our Finance Office colleagues to ensure consistency and it will be updated again soon as we were discussing it yesterday and identified a couple of new requirements.  Award Types March 2010

Importantly we don’t plan to change all of our coding to match RCUK requirements.  We have different reports and flags to group data differently for different purposes.

I’ve also been chatting with a colleague at the London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange who are particularly interested in managing information about the impact of Art.   This set of activities are of interest to RCUK but are often underrepresented in existing core University Systems.  More to follow on this soon.

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