Many ways to manage Outputs and Impact

Today we’ve had a look at Sharepoint and continue to think about how we might integrate use of this for managing research collaboration with our other Research System’s and processes.

Maybe this is another option for sharing files in support of funding applications with funders.

I’ve also been looking at the Open Access process and drafted a suggestion on how this can be amended at the University of Glasgow to manage decisions on applications for open access funds and use the repository to check we are complying with funders terms on Open Access.  This might take a bit of iteration with colleagues.  We have an Open Access Working Group but apart from the specific Wellcome funds we don’t actually have an agreed central pot or pots yet.  We’ve looked at other models and found some inspiration in those so hopefully we will arrive at a University of Glasgow version sometime soon.

Our Library staff are members of UKCoRR

The professional organisation for UK open access repository administrators and managers.

UKCoRR’s members are very active in discussing management of research outputs across a range of institutional systems not just Repositories and this is recognised by RCUK as Jenny Delasalle who is Chair of UKCoRR is one of my colleagues on the RCUK Research Outcomes Focus Group.

I also fixed the coffee machine.



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