Update on RCUK Outcome Proposals


I’ve just been looking at the latest draft of the RCUK Outcome Types and confess I found it a bit daunting. 

Initial thoughts:

  • Proposal to add a research outcome type group.  Might leave room for confusion as the boundaries are grey and definitions differ depending on who you speak to.  I think I prefer the flat list of outcome types RCUK might faciliate accepting the data from us marked up as specific entity that they then group into their desired groupings.  On the other hand we might want to report internally on the RCUK categories…..
  • Collaborations, Conferences, IP, spin-outs, Research Grants, Consultancy, Licences and other external collaborations and fundings are all types on our system.
  • We don’t currently hold ‘target audience’ and I am not sure if this is worth capturing.
  • We don’t hold ‘international involvement’ or ‘non-academic involvement’ unless for a specific award there is collaboration or funding from an international party/non-academic party in which case this is easy for us to identify.  Similarly for ‘industrial involvement’.
  • We don’t hold info on career development, esteem, destination, and skill in our central systems and I am liaising with our HR System Team regarding this.

I’ll give this more thought and see if we can work out the best way to approach this.

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