Project Meeting 19th June 2013

June 20, 2013

We had our project team meeting yesterday.  The project is due to end 31st July 2013.


  • Updating CERIF information and interlinkage with other current initiatives in the UK/Europe and beyond
  • Specifying and building demo of PURE data registry functionality
  • Enhancing Glasgow ePrints data registry – new server, buying Datacite (not sure if we will have fully deployed by end of July but will have explored further and have a plan),
  • On-going work on data storage requirements, advocacy, updating policies and plans
  • Planning our workshops – one is booked for 12th July in Glasgow and will be advertised widely in the next day or two.  The other will be roughly the same content at a more southern venue – possibly London and possibly 25 or 26th July tbc shortly


  • Awaiting award letter for extension so have been a bit cautious about spending
  • Most of the costs expected are for software, hardware and travel and consumables for workshops and events


Blog Closed

June 10, 2013

This blog is closed.


If you wish to discuss any topics on the blog please contact

RCUK Subject Classifications Available for Download

January 30, 2013

The RCUK subject classifications that the University of Glasgow are trialling in our data registry are now available direct from the RCUK website.

See the following blog item on the ‘Engage’ project blog for more details.

University of Glasgow Update

January 14, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here but now that the IRIOS2 project complete I intend to blog here more regularly.

I am sure many organisations are way ahead of us in certain areas but here is what we doing re research outcomes.

Publications and key findings – we have a process to bulk upload these to the RCUK Reserch Outcomes

Datasets – We are moving to a live metadata registry soon and working with other institutions and EuroCRIS on a standard metadata specification for datasets  Our local policy and guidelines are being updated

Further Funding and Collaboration – We are testing extracts of this data from the Research Support System.  We hope that any awards for the same or linked projects can be supplied to RCUK where the publicity flag on the award is ‘YES’

Staff Development – The storage and provision of appropriate information is being explored with our HR Operations Manager.

Intellectual Property, Exploitation Mechanism – We expect to extract data from the Research Support System.  Any awards for the same or linked projects may be supplied where the publicity flag on the award is ‘YES’.  The IP Team (Research Strategy and Innovation) are being consulted.

Communications Activity, Other Research Outputs – We are awaiting a bulk upload mechanism from RCUK. We expect that many of these outputs can be included on Enlighten.

Impact, Policy Influence – We are testing screens to enter these details into Enlighten and hope to make these live early 2013.


July 17, 2012

I understand the new STFC version of e-VAL whilst being broadly similar to MRC e-VAL (without the specific medical questions) will include a bulk upload facility – hurrah!  This will be for publications initially but they are aware that we’d like it for other output types so there is a plan.  I am looking forward to testing.

I’m also discussing how we might most efficiently synchronise output information so that STFC do not end up with metadata that differs to what we have on our systems – trickier and we don’t know all the answers yet but the dialogue is open.


Open Repositories 2012

July 13, 2012

We ‘re-used’ our ‘Engage’ poster from the ARMA conference duly updated with additional information for the audience at OR2012.

We got to do a short sales pitch on our poster and I tweeted the link to our blog with the conference hash tag #OR2012 for those interested who could not make the poster reception.

After the two hour poster reception the posters were on display throughout the conference. We provided handouts and information on all of our current JISC projects Cerif for Datasets, Cerif in Action, IRIOS2 and Encapsulate. We ran out of some of them. I spoke to some – but not all of the 460 or so delegates as well as noting contact details and exchanging information of relevance with other authors of over 60 poster. There are some very interesting links to all of our projects (see my forthcoming blog entry on C4D, Engage and IRIOS projects for relevant comments).

Research Information Management – Sharing Ideas

June 11, 2012

Last week William Nixon gave an over view of research information management at the University of Glasgow to the Digital Curation Centre roadshow in Belfast. This included an overview of IRIOS2 as well as other projects. The slides can be seen at: